1899 - 1800United States of America
The Louisiana State  Board of Health established the first State Board of Health Diagnostic Bacteriological Laboratory in the United States.

Louisiana became the first state to create a bacteriological laboratory on April 15, 1894 under the direction of Dr. Paul E. Archinard. The bacteriological laboratory was located in the City Hall Annex building which then stood at 546 Carondelet. Early testing consisted of performing cultures and microscopic examinations of clinical specimens for diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid fever.

In the 61 years that have elapsed, this laboratory has had only three directors, each one a master in his work, namely, Dr. P. E. Archinard from 1894 to 1912; Dr. W. H. Seeman from 1912 to 1938; and Dr. George H. Hauser since 1938. No laboratory in the country has had a record of greater stability. And its record of achievement is outstanding.



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