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In 1937, the members voted to disband CAS and form the National Association of Sanitarians (NAS), which is now known as NEHA. NAS was incorporated under the laws of the state of California on November 5, 1937. The first president of the new national organization was Herbert A. Jewlett, the last president of the disbanded CAS. The slogan of the association, “Sanitation–The Beacon Light of Public Health,” was adopted November 22, 1932, and is still prevalent today The initial emblem was adopted December 11, 1937, and was recently patented and registered by NEHA member Robert Powitz to prevent other organizations from using it. NEHA members, however, can use the emblem without cost.

Creation of the National Association of Sanitarians had purpose to provide specific services in the field of environmental health for official and voluntary agencies, and other people concerned, to uphold and increase standards of the environmental health profession; to search continually for truths, and disseminate findings; to strive for knowledge, and to be fully informed of developments in the field of public health; to cooperate fully with allied public health agencies.