1299 - 1000United Kingdom

In 1281 City of London Regulation prohibited pigs wandering in the streets, and a further Regulation in 1297 required the removal of pigsties from the streets.

Regulation as to wearing Furs, and clearing the Streets:
»It is provided and commanded, that no woman of the City shall from henceforth go to market, or in the King’s highway, out of her house, with a hood furred with other than lambskin or rabbit skin, on pain of losing her hood to the use of the Sheriffs; save only those ladies who wear furred capes,  the hoods of which may have such furs as they may think proper. And this, because that regratresses, nurses and other servants, and women of loose life, bedizen themselves, and wear hoods furred with gros vair and with minever,  in guise of good ladies.

And further, that no swine, and no stands, or timber lying, shall from henceforth be found in the streets, after Monday next. [And as to swine so found,] let them be killed, and redeemed of him who shall so kill them, for four pence each; and let the stands and timber be forfeited to the use of the Sheriffs; hay also, and fodder, belonging to persons, found in West Chepe.«



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