“Historia Sanitaria” is designed in online form so that we can chronologically arrange landmark events and achievements of individuals in the field of sanitary profession. We cover different periods of history as well as recent developments. In the preparation of the individual contributions we take into account the relevance for the field of sanitary profession and, of course, the availability of data. Historia Sanitaria substantively and chronologically covers the activities of colleagues in Slovenia, its immediate neighbor countries and throughout the world, particularly in the United States and Great Britain.

Content of contributions is not final. Namely, this is the living form of the contributions which are continuously updated and upgraded. Historia Sanitaria enables the possibility of supplementing existing posts, as well as adding new ones. Therefore, are all those who are operating in the field of sanitary profession (or public and environemntal health area) and that have an access to historical sources, invited to participate. You are welcome to send us additional suggestions so that the younger generations of graduates and the wider public will have an insight into the development of sanitary profession.
With contributions in the collection of  Historia Sanitaria we will also pay our respect and honor to the colleagues whose exceptional work significantly influenced the development and reputation of the sanitary profession.