1899 - 1800United Kingdom

In 1810 Peter Durand of England patented the use of tin-coated iron cans instead of bottles, and by 1820 he was supplying canned food to the Royal Navy in large quantities.

Durand did not pursue food canning, but, in 1812, sold his patent to two Englishmen, Bryan Donkin and John Hall, who refined the process and product, and set up the world’s first commercial canning factory on Southwark Park Road, London. By 1813 they were producing their first tin canned goods for the Royal Navy.

European canning methods reached the United States soon thereafter, and that country eventually became the world leader in both automated canning processes and total can production.


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Photo: http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/1024/media/images/67154000/jpg/_67154020_cans_1900_science.jpg